• Wholesale Launch BST - 460 Battery Tester in Mainland China
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Launch BST - 460 Battery Tester in Mainland China

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      Launch BST - 460 Battery Tester in Mainland China

      Language: Chinese simplified, Chinese Traditional, English, Russian
      Product principle:
      The world's most advanced conductance test technology
      suitable for 6V & 12V battery system and 12V & 24V starting and charging system detects
      Product advantage:
      Simple, secure , fast , and accurate display test results ( the test takes about 3 seconds)
      Eight lines with backlight LCD display and humane language prompted interface
      Does not emit light , no heat , no discharge , no spark , no operating dangerous
      Automatic temperature compensation function With ripple voltage test function Multi- language menu display
      Removable replacement test line
      Dedicated Kelvin test clip
      Advanced functionality:
      Applicable to a variety of models, all kinds of batteries , and a variety of system mode
      Directly detected in the car , do not need to remove the battery
      Directly test the battery of the loss of electricity , bad cell battery
      Advanced starter / alternator detection

      Ttest criteria and scope:
      CCA 100-2000 (SAE & BCI to develop the standard most commonly used : the cold-start battery rating )
      BCI 100-2000 ( international battery Committee standards )
      CA 100-2000 (0 ℃ when the effective starting current rating)
      MCA 100-2000 ( ships standard effective starting current rating , 0 ℃ )
      JIS 26A17 - 245H52 ( Japanese Industrial Standard)
      Standard DIN 100-1400 ( German Automobile Industry Committee )
      The IEC 100-1400 ( International Electrotechnical Commission standard )
      EN 100-2000 ( European Automobile Manufacturers Association standards )
      SAE 100-2000 ( U.S. Engineers Standard)
      GB 100-1400 ( Chinese National Standard )
      Main parameters:
      1 shell ABS anti - acid plastic,two-tone green rubber oil ;
      2.128 * 64 dot matrix,large backlit display screen (3 inches ),adjustable backlight brightness LCD display ;
      3 test standards,including the most commonly used battery standard in the world,such as CCA, BCI,CA,MCA,JIS,DIN,IEC,EN,SAE,GB 
      4 Operating temperature:-20-60 ℃ (-4-140 ℉)

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