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Launch X431 Diagun III Update on Official Website Auto Diagnosti

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      The Comparison of X431 diagun II and III:

      * Fashionable and integrated design: Rolling shutter design, DBScar connector can be placed inside, small and exquisite.

      * Better battery system design: according to X-431 Diagun III¡¯s mobility specification, it adopts ultra high-capacity rechargeable Li-battery, fully complies with environment protection laws. 3800mAh rechargeable battery, sustainable use of 10 hours.

      This Newest Launch X431 Diagun III(global Version) can be update on Official Website FREE via Serial Number Password that we provided!

      X-431Diagun III is a new professional vehicle diagnostic tool designed and developed by LAUNCH for repair technicians. It¡¯s smart, easy to carry, fully functional and convenient to use, and it¡¯s the standard equipment for garage technicians. X-431Diagun III + Launch DBScar diagnostic adaptor integrated design, supports wired and Bluetooth wireless diagnosis. Color and touch inductive screen, easy operation.

      X-431 Diagun III is new developed smart, complete and portable professional vehicle diagnostic tool. It's technicians' standard equipment.


      * Long stand-By time: Can be used continuously 10 hours.

      * Unique Appearance: Rolling cover design, the DBScar connector is integrated.

      * Support print function: Support standard USB printer for printing diagnostic result.

      * Quick Update: Nearly 1,000 software update per year to ensure the functions.

      * Wireless diagnosis: Main unit can communicate with DBScar connector by Bluetooth(<100m).

      * Powerful diagnostic: Inherited with all diagnosis function of X-431 with wild software coverage, Asian, European and U.S.


      1. Powerful diagnostic functions

      2. Wireless diagnosis: Main unit and DBScar can be connected via Bluetooth to perform wireless diagnosis.

      3. Fashionable and Integrated design

      4. Better battery system design

      5. Easy for comparison and analysis: Press "power button" for 3 seconds, adialog box will be popped up as shown below.

      6. Two DataStream waveforms displayed in one screen: Two DataStream waveforms can be displayed in one screen, it can help the user to fast analyze the fault.

      Illustrates all ports and indicators of X-431 Diagun III:

      1, Touch screen; 2, Black roller shutter; 3, DBScar diagnostic connector; 4, Battery location; 5, Reset; 6, Buzzer; 7, Stylus; 8, Power button; 9, TF card slot; 10, USB port; 11, Lanyard hole.

      Powerful diagnostic functions:

      * Wide coverage of models: X-431 Diagun III inherits the diagnostic functions of X-431 series (the diagnostic tools with most model software developed at present). It can support mainstream vehicles like BENZ, BMW, FORD, VW, NISSAN, HYUNDAI etc., and more than 90% of European, American and Asian vehicles like IRKIA, PERODUA, PROTON, TATA, MARUTI, LANCIA, DACIA, SMART, Transporter & V-Class (220 manufactures, 2500 models).

      * Several special functions: Relying on the accumulation of basic diagnostic functions, and extending several special features into different product forms. Such as engine oil resetting, idle adaption, ignition timing regulation, idle speed regulation and Camshaft timing control adaption, etc.

      Special Function (Part)

      Technical parameters:

      1. CPU -- 400 MHz ARM9

      2. Color Touch Screen -- 480X272, 4.3"

      3. TF card -- 1G

      4. Upgrading/Printer Interface -- USB

      5. Wireless communication Module -- Bluetooth

      6. USB -- Standard USB 2.0 Ports

      7. Working voltage of diagnostic adaptor: DC 12V (DC 24V not yet supported)

      8. Operation system -- WINCE 5.0

      9. Diagnostic functions -- Fully inherits from X-431 series

      10. Interface optimization -- entering into diagnosis desktop directly after powering on, easy to use

      11. Quick upgrade -- nearly 1000 times each year

      The Pictures of X431 diagun III:

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