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TOP3000 Universal Programmer

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      TOP3000 Universal Programmer

      Product Description

      1) 100% Brand new.
      2)compact size, lowe power comsuption.
      3)high reliability, with 1 year warranty.

      Techanical Specification

       TOP3000 programmer has compact size, lowe power comsuption, high reliability.
      This is an universal equipment especially designed for MCU and EPROMs programming.
      The high transmission speed between TOP3000 with PC is realized via USB and don't nee......


      •The TOP3000 programmer supports 2.5 ~ 6.5V devices
      •Powered by your USB interface or the included 5V external power supply
      •Fast transmission speed of 12MHz/s via the USB port
      •Auto detects the device's manufacturer and part number
      •Compatible with Notebooks and desktop computers
      •The in-built connection inspection checks the connection for every pins in the unit
      •Current protection function protects both the programmer and connected devices
      •Has 48-pin self-lock sockets
      •Compact programmer with tough plastic casing

      Works with the following operating systems:

      •Windows 2000
      •Windows 2003
      •Windows XP
      •Windows Vista
      •Windows 7 (32bit)


      •Power supply input: 110 ~ 240VAC, 50/60Hz
      •Power output: 5VDC, 2A
      •Included: TOP3000 programmer, PLCC28 socket, PLCC44 socket, software CD, USB cable, power supply cable
      •Brand new and unused

      Supports a wide range of EPROM's, EEPROM's, RAM's, PLD's and MPU's from the following manufacturers:

      •Actrans (EEPROM)
      •AMIC (EEPROM)
      •ASD (EEPROM)
      •Atmel (PLD, MPU, EPROM, EEPROM)
      •BDTIC (RAM)
      •Catalyst (EPROM, EEPROM)
      •Crescentec (MPU)
      •Dallas (RAM, MPU, EEPROM)
      •Elan (MPU)
      •EON (EEPROM)
      •EXEL (EEPROM)
      •Fujitsu (EPROM, EEPROM)
      •Future (MPU)
      •Hitachi (EPROM, EEPROM)
      •HMWIN (MPU)
      •Holtek (MPU)
      •Hynix (EEPROM)
      •Hyundai (EPROM)
      •ICT (EPROM)
      •Intel (MPU, RAM, EPROM, EEPROM)
      •Lattice (PLD)
      •LG (MPU)
      •Linksmart (EEPROM)
      •Macronix (EEPROM)
      •Matsushita (EPROM)
      •Megawin (MPU)
      •Micon (MPU)
      •Microchip (MPU, EPROM, EEPROM)
      •Mitsubishi (EPROM, EEPROM)
      •Mosel (MPU, EEPROM)
      •NS (PLD, EPROM)
      •PDK (MPU)
      •Philips (MPU)
      •PMC (EEPROM)
      •PTC (EEPROM)
      •Ricoh (EPROM)
      •Samsung (MPU, EPROM, EEPROM)
      •SGS Thomson (PLD, EPROM, EEPROM)
      •Signetics (EPROM)
      •SMOS (EPROM
      •Sony (EPROM)
      •Sonix (MPU)
      •Spansion (EEPROM)
      •SST (MPU, EEPROM)
      •STC (MPU)
      •Stand (RAM)
      •Syncmos (MPU, EEPROM)
      •Topro (MPU)
      •Toptek (MPU)
      •Toshiba (EPROM, EEPROM)
      •Versachip (MPU)
      •Winbond (MPU, RAM, EEPROM)
      •WSI (EPROM)
      •Xicor (EEPROM)

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